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Aus Acu presents the first 11:11 retreat, Bali 2023! Launching this year, each 11:11 retreat will offer something slightly different. Join the very first 11:11 retreat for a unique 4 day immersive experience designed to align your energy through transformative and fun spiritual practices.

NOVEMBER 10th / 11th / 12th / 13th (2023)

Led by Dr Greg, experience daily Yoga, Guided Meditation, Workshops, Ceremonies, and even some fun, too! 

The first 11:11 retreat at Bali for 2023 has been designed as all-inclusive. If you have experienced an Aus Acu Full Moon Ceremony, Astrology workshop, or you have trained with Dr Greg for Yoga or healing, you know what to expect! 4 days of life-changing experiences, deep soul activating workshops, and connection with like-minded souls. Add to this delicious private chef-prepared meals, healthy juices and smoothies, traditional Balinese massage, and luxury twin-share accommodation in a private Villa surrounded by lush jungle and clear energy - what more do you need! Aus Acu’s very first 11:11 retreat will truly be your highlight of 2023! 

Why 11/11? 

11:11 has fast become the ‘symbol of new age spirituality’. Even those who have no interest in numerology seem to be noticing ‘11:11’ and wondering why this number keeps appearing..microwaves, iPhones, alarm clocks… 

11:11 truly is a number that means ‘INTUITION’, and shows when the Universe (spirit guides, angels, your own higher consciousness) is communicating something to you. As you learn to recognise and call in assistance through the 11:11 portal, you will find your life becomes less chaotic and more in flow with what you truly love. Using 11:11 energy work, you won’t need to visit a psychic, or ask a spiritual healer for help - you can channel the answers yourself!

Seeing 11:11 regularly it is a sign that you are waking up from the false Matrix constructs, and you are ready to shift out of limiting beliefs into an expanded, open consciousness with limitless potential. The mundane, boring, or limited 3rd dimensional existence that many humans feel ‘trapped’ in is rapidly dissolving, and thus it’s never been a better time to learn, embrace, and empower yourself to live a life of bliss and connection. 

The very first 11:11 retreat will be an intimate, personal experience with a very small group of like-minded souls. We will meet over the 11:11 portal weekend of November 11, 2023, and we will mark the occasion with a unique ceremony dedicated to our own intuition and connecting to our higher consciousness. Imagine connecting to the spiritual land of Bali, warm and sunny, listening to the lush rainforest sounds while connecting to your ultimate higher channel - truly this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Why Bali? 

Bali was chosen specifically - and not just because so many retreats are held here! After visiting Bali many times for his own spiritual practice, Greg realised Bali provides the perfect environment for spiritual connection. The island of Bali has long since been revered for its intensely spiritual energy. Known as the ‘World Purification Centre’, Bali is known as one of the main locations where the energy of the planet gets cleaned. Six major sacred sights in Bali pass through Earth’s Ley Lines (energy lines), making the very ground of Bali highly connected and charged. 
Accomodation details: 

The 2023 11:11 retreat will be hosted at a private, luxury Villa complex including private pools, relaxation areas, lounge rooms, private Balinese bathrooms with twin-share accommodation, private open air Yoga studio, and an exclusive on-site healing centre with Balinese massage rooms. 

The 11:11 Retreat will be a VIP experience, as this is designed as Aus Acu’s ‘launch’ retreat - the very first of many to come. Thus, the 2023 11:11 retreat will launch with a very small group of attendees, allowing us to experience a profound connection to ourselves, each other, and to the Earth itself. Over four days and three nights, the group will experience true connection, uplifting events, quiet time to recharge, and of course some laughs and fun, too! 

Twin-share accommodation will be assigned either based on your request (with your friend or colleague for example), or based on suitability and/or availability. The rooms are extremely spacious, and each twin-share room has a private bathroom.
Retreat cost & inclusions: 

The 2023 11:11 Retreat package is designed to be all-inclusive: 
  • Twin-share luxury accommodation
  • All meals, plus coffee/tea, juices, smoothies & filtered water 
  • All healing activities including Yoga, breath work, and two Aus Acu ceremonies 
  • 60 minute Balinese massage 
  • Plenty of time to nap, swim, dance, or take time for yourself! 
Arrive on Friday to check in early afternoon and allow plenty of time to ground yourself in preparation for the fun ahead. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail while you unpack, slip into your swimwear, and dive into the crystal clear pool while we pump the beats and get the energy set! Our first dinner will be a vegetarian feast before we chill out with restorative Yoga and meditation under the stars - guaranteeing you a restful night sleep. 

Over the next three days, you will be pampered by our own private chef with delicious Balinese cuisine, juices, kombucha, organic teas, and a few poolside cocktails. Wake in the morning for sunrise Yoga and breath work, and after a long breakfast enjoy daily workshops where you will learn the true art of soul alignment and intuition awakening - think numerology, astrology, and spirituality, from Aus Acu founder Dr Greg. Lunches will be healthy and eaten in the sun, before a quick siesta or dip to freshen up. Plenty of spiritual chats, relaxing quiet cozy corners for a power nap, and some fun afternoon poolside drinks and dances will help you truly feel connected and alive! 

Each afternoon we will relax poolside with spiritual beats and free form dance, before enjoying a long dinner with conversation, music, and plenty of connection and laughs. 

Each evening we will meet for a deep and relaxing Yoga session, sound healing, and of course - you will be provided with all the tools you need including a Yoga mat to use for the retreat, workbooks, and even a 60 minute Balinese massage. 

The two main ceremonies for the event include our “11 11 Initiation” and “Spiritual Numerology” - plus the welcome and closing ceremonies, and lots of Yoga, dance, and breath work. Everything is beginner-friendly and not to be taken too seriously - the emphasis will be on fun, connection, and finding your own groove. We will have plenty of space for reading, relaxing, unwinding, and laughs. 

Retreat cost: $1111 (plus GST) 

  • Flights 
  • Airport transfers (we will assist with these & Balinese transport is inexpensive) 
  • Travel Insurance (check Terms & Conditions below) 
  • Visa expenses (approx. AUD$50.00)
Please read the Terms & Conditions