Metaphysical Acupuncture

Metaphysics is the spiritual messaging which is interpreted through the communication of your body. Originating from such pioneers as Louise Hay and Evette Rose, symptoms of your body will be assessed according to ‘metaphysics’: the language your body speaks. This treatment includes a detailed discussion about your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, values, and any possible limiting beliefs you wish to move through. The Acupuncture points selected will be carefully matched to this consultation, according to the theory of Metaphysical healing and Chinese Medicine.

During your Acupuncture treatment, a variety of additional healing tools may be used including card reading/tarot, singing bowls (to reset frequency and vibration of the body/aura), as well as Reiki. This is a deeply transformative treatment designed for those who are seeking deep healing at a cosmic/universal level. Please come with an open mind and be willing to surrender to the healing session. For more information, contact Aus Acu directly.

For new patients to Aus Acu, you are able to book a Metaphysical Acupuncture treatment as your first treatment. You do not need to book a New Patient Consult prior to your Metaphysical Acupuncture session. 

Metaphysical Acupuncture - Aus Acu
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