What We Treat


Pain affects us in different ways, and no two people experience pain the same. From headache to injury, acute to chronic, pain is simply the body’s way of letting us know we are healing. Pain is a natural and essential part of our body, as it is designed to notify us when we are in danger, or when we are healing. However, when pain interferes with our lifestyle, work, and overall health, we require treatment.

Acupuncture is widely recognised as suitable for the treatment of certain types of pain. During a treatment, tiny, single-use needles are gently and painlessly inserted at specific sites on the body to activate the body’s own opioids (pain-killers), as well as improving the brain’s ability to detect these natural pain-killing substances. During the treatment, you will relax comfortably for a short period of time, before the needles are gently removed. Our Gold Coast Acupuncture Clinic sees patients for a variety of conditions including pain, and can answer your questions to ensure you feel comfortable visiting us for Acupuncture.

Acute pain warns us the body has been hurt, and is usually no longer felt once the injury heals. Acute pain is often accompanied by inflammation and swelling, redness, heat, and lack of mobility in the joint or surrounding tissues. Blood flow, rest, elevation, and correct rehabilitation, are essential during the healing stage of an acute injury.

Chronic pain can persist weeks, months and even years after the injury or initial pain. Pain is felt by the nervous system as it ‘enters’ the body, such as in an injury playing sport, or a car accident. This may then create a neural storage of pain as a protective mechanism, which may create chronic pain or other health issues. Research suggests Acupuncture is a valid treatment for chronic pain and is now often referred to by many doctors and other health professionals. Chronic pain can lead to headache, lack of sleep, low energy, and mood swings. Drugs are often prescribed to help deal with chronic pain, yet are often not effective at managing the pain.

Aus Acu provides natural, Chinese-Medicine therapies (Acupuncture, Chinese massage, & Acupressure) to assist the body in releasing stored pain, by reprogramming how the nervous system responds to stress, releasing tension, promoting blood flow, and assisting with relaxation to promote the production of more ‘feel-good’ hormones.


Hormones are natural (endogenous) or synthetic (exogenous) compounds which flow through the body to switch functions on and off according to the body’s needs. Various environmental, physical and mental factors can affect both the production and the regulation of hormones in the body, and this can result in disease, pain, and other signs & symptoms.

One of the most common influencers for hormone related health problems is stress, both physical and emotional. By down-regulating the body’s stress response, we can assist with a variety of hormone-related concerns and help the body to heal naturally.

Some of the areas of health we work alongside with include:

  • Women’s Health
  • Post-pill cycle regulation
  • Pre-fertility cycle regulation
  • Hormonal Acne (male & female)
  • Endometriosis pain & inflammation
  • PCOS related anovulation & regulation
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Thyroid concerns


Stress affects every person from time to time, in many different ways. When our body is under stress, we have pushed our healing and recovery beyond the natural, beneficial parameters of our body, mind, and energy. This can be mental, physical, and/or emotional. Usually there is an element of emotional and mental stress even when physical pain or discomfort seems to be the predominant concern.

Physical stress symptoms can include:

  • lack of rest
  • digestive concerns (bloating, constipation)
  • adrenal stress
  • skin concerns (eczema, psoriasis)
  • headache
  • low energy

Mental stress symptoms can include:

  • foggy mind
  • fatigue
  • memory loss
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • lack of willpower/motivation
  • addictive behaviours

Emotional stress symptoms can include:

  • frustration/irritability
  • difficulty processing grief
  • difficulty expressing anger
  • prolonged sadness

We will look at the triggers for your stress, and work to realign your daily activities with a more joyous, loving and passionate focus to reduce ‘negative’ stress and create more time for health. This may include restructuring your leisure time to create space for walking, meditation, Yoga and mindfulness. This may also include increasing your ability to deal with potential triggers through relaxing techniques, hormone regulation and nutritional advice inline with holistic health practices.

Skin (Cosmetic & Acne)

Aus Acu is one of the leading natural skincare clinics in Australia, offering treatments that combine natural, holistic health care, with traditional skin regimes that work from the inside out.

Acne treatments cover the root cause of skin inflammation such as hormones, digestion, stress, and inflammation. We will discuss a holistic plan including Acu treatments, biomedicine supplements, and herbal medicine, to address acne from within and achieve healthy, clear skin naturally.

Facial Acupuncture consultations address skin concerns such as fine line & wrinkles, using advanced facial Acupuncture techniques. Also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture, this particular style of Acupuncuture is also known as a natural alternative to more invasive anti-aging skincare treatments such as injectables and botox, yet works in a more subtle and natural way. It’s all about collagen and elastin, the more that’s produced, the younger the appearance. As we age, it’s natural for collagen and elastin to decrease, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and a thin, papery appearance of the skin. Cosmetic Acupuncture induces a ‘microtrauma’ to different, specific locations on the face to target muscle relaxation, collagen stimulation and increased blood flow, with excellent results. For best results, visit the clinic for a consultation to discuss your concerns and see how we can assist.

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