Thyroid: Solving the Mystery Naturally

Thyroid: Solving the Mystery Naturally

Fatigue, poor concentration and weight gain are common concerns which our busy society is experiencing more and more. Many of our patients suffer from irregular thyroid conditions, which can be linked to stress, genetics or a hormone imbalance. If your thyroid is struggling to function, there is the likelihood that you may be feeling exhausted, unmotivated and unlike your usual self. So, how can you help yourself to feel better if you think this might be you?

The thyroid is a butter-fly shaped gland located just below the Adam’s Apple. The role of this gland is to convert nutrients into two key hormones, T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Triiodothyronine)

These thyroid hormones are responsible for the stimulation of your cells, and are essential for almost all functions associated with metabolic activity including detoxification, digestion and ovulation.

In relation to hormonal health and regulation, the thyroid plays a starring role in the regulation of period health. More commonly, an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) can be one of the causes of missing ovulation due to the excess prolactin produced by the pituitary gland. Thyroid irregularities can even slow down the detoxification of estrogen and testosterone, and impair insulin sensitivity, which is thought to increasing the risk of developing PCOS.

Research has suggested Acupuncture promotes physical and emotional
wellbeing via the stimulation of the nervous system, resulting in biochemical changes. Specifically, Acupuncture treatment has shown positive effect on the regulation of thyroid hormones (Li 2006), increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting relaxation whilst reducing anxiety and stress (Hui 2010, Hui 2009).

Where we suspect a thyroid issue, we suggest visiting your GP for the appropriate blood testing and diagnosis. We are then able to work alongside your GP or specialist to help re-balance your hormones by promoting relaxation and increasing energy levels and digestion.

Hormone irregularities are increasing in our population possibly due to our lifestyle and other factors, but having an issue with your Thyroid doesn’t always mean you will be medicated or suffer long term. Book in or email us for more information on our treatments and how we can help you feel better, naturally


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Stephanie Flockart joined Australian Acupuncture Clinics (Benowa) in 2016, coming from a long history of study, clinical experience and a life-long love of natural medicine. Steph has a keen interest in Women’s Health, with a particular passion in natural hormone regulation. Steph truly practices what she preaches, and enjoys staying fit, travelling and spending time learning more about Acupuncture attending workshops and seminars. Living on the beach here on the Gold Coast, Steph is often out and about enjoying the incredible natural beauty of our surrounding environment.
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