Online Consultation

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During your online consultation, you will be linked with our Acupuncturist via a video link (internet/webcam required) for the duration of the consultation.

We will use various visual and questioning techniques, including:

- Chinese Medicine diagnosis
- Functional medicine testing, blood /gene testing
- Acupressure techniques
- Chinese Medicine lifestyle adjustments (diet, breath, movement)
- Personalised Yoga therapy plan
- Metaphysics (body/mind connection)
- Life Coaching, re-alignment

Dr Greg (reg. Acu) is also qualified in counselling, and is a senior Yoga Therapist registered to deliver personalised Yoga therapy advice including pranayama (breath work), Asana (physical movement) and mindfulness (meditation).

Each Online Consultation includes the video consultation, and in addition:

- prescriptions, ordering and supply of required supplements/herbs (must be purchased separately)
- email follow ups with treatment plan, research, and lifestyle suggestions

Usually a series of 2-3 Online Consultations is recommended over the course of one month, however each treatment plan will be tailored to your requirements during your first consultation.