Holistic Counselling

Counselling facilitates a therapeutic conversation where we can look at concerns, problems, or personality traits that you may find challenging to face alone. 

Dr Greg has studied Counselling and Mental Health at university level. Additionally, he has trained in Holistic Counselling, and Yoga Therapy, and can assist you to work through a range of issues by offering a fresh perspective and helping you to shift back into a place of personal empowerment.

Some of the concerns that Holistic Counselling may assist with include:

  • self-awareness/self-love/self-forgiveness
  • family problems
  • relationships
  • boundaries 
  • negative talk/habits

Each session will help facilitate growth towards your goals, and will draw from a variety of tools Dr Greg is trained in, including Counselling techniques from an evidence-based perspective.


Holistic Counselling
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For first time patients, please book a
New Patient Consultation & Treatment.