Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysics relates to the entire Universe, and how it effects us as human beings. "Meta" (meaning greater than), and “Physics” (the study of matter and energy), have long been researched in healing modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Cranial-sacral therapy, Kinesiology, and all medicine related to the Universal laws.

During a Metaphysical healing, we look at everything that makes you YOU: your beliefs, culture, family, upbringing, language, and your physical symptoms and experiences, as well as the dominant emotions and relationships that create habits and patterns in your life. We then use Acupuncture to address energy imbalances (using Meridians & Elements of Chinese Medicine), as well as a variety of healing tools designed to help you release old energy patterns and find inner peace.

What if everything that was going wrong in your life wasn’t your fault, but was a complex layering of experiences that you hold onto as you simply haven’t learnt tools yet that allow you to release other people’s harmful energy? What if your language could be used to activate your health, rather than keep you stuck in pain? What if you learnt to listen to your intuition, develop your own sixth sense, and trusted your own ability to heal?

Metaphysics creates multi-dimensional healing capacity. Aus Acu helps break down the complicated words, rituals and spiritual jargon and delivers everything in an easy-to-digest way, simplifying the world of natural medicine and spirituality to help you ‘ease in’ to a life of alignment without feeling overwhelmed. Book for a Metaphysical Acupuncture healing session to start learning how much power you truly have right where you are, right now.

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