Womens Health

Womens Health

As women our periods are a great indication of how well we are functioning in our everyday lives. Most women can relate to the frustration felt when she has made an appearance on dates, tropical beach holidays and weekend getaways yet when your monthly visit suddenly disappears, comes a little too often or a little later than usual anxiety can arise.

Menstrual irregularity, Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and Amenorrhea (no period) are all symptoms of something else going on in your body.

Hormonal Imbalance is often the main culprit and what we see in the majority of cases. The hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are what we look at from a western medical framework with the delicate balance of these two becoming too high or low causing everything to become out of sync.

Often an irregular, absent or painful cycle is not the only symptom of hormonal imbalance and see a wide range of emotional and physical symptoms that are related.
You may have suddenly noticed more Acne appearing on your face or body?
Changes in hair growth- head hair starting to fall out and thin or facial hair?
Feeling constantly tired! Caffeine or sugar becoming your go to, as you struggle to get out of bed or through the day.
Anxiety, depression or mood swings impacting on your life and relationships?

Our hormones are effected by a number of things and often the cause can be from a source you may not have even considered.

Stress is a key player here and can have a detrimental effect on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Over-exercising, (think CrossFit 6 days a week, final exam week, relationship break-ups, work problems, extreme diets or weight changes), may be effecting your cycle.

Birth control (the pill or Mirena, implants or injection) can influence the regularity and quality of your cycle as can quitting birth control, which we see in the clinic as post-pill Amenorrhoea. PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid imbalance, early onset menopause (before age 40) and Eating Disorders are also top contributors of a hormonal imbalance.

Aus Acu treatments may help regulate your hormones by creating balance on both an emotional and physical level. Our goal is to pinpoint the root of the hormonal imbalance – such as stress, digestive imbalance etc., to effectively assist your body to self-regulate you hormones. With regular treatments you will feel fantastic, be acne free, full of energy and live a balanced, truly healthy life.

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