Why Aus Acu?

Aus Acu clinics modernize and streamline your Acupuncture experience. We combine the medical precision and hygiene of a true clinic environment with the calm, relaxing atmosphere of a tranquil oasis, to give you a truly unique experience.

Our Acupuncturists are compassionate and highly trained to make sure you are fully informed of your treatment plan, as well as any suggested lifestyle and diet modifications. There is no confusing or repetitive questioning with all of our client records kept securely online, and our Acupuncturist’s explain every step of the treatment to ensure you feel comfortable at all times.

At Aus Acu you can trust your treatment will be administered by registered and licensed Acupuncturist, and your case will be dealt with confidentiality and understanding. We offer instant private health rebates for maximum convenience as well as discounts on package purchases to bring you even more economical acupuncture treatments.

Our difference is clear. We concentrate on the best possible Acupuncture treatments for all.

Aus Acu combines the hygiene and technology of a modern clinic with the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere of a day spa. Each clinic features:

  • Australia’s most modern Acupuncture clinics and treatment facilities, with free parking and close public transport options
  • Convenient, affordable and friendly services including the ability to book easily online 
  • Industry leading, personalized care regardless of location or practitioner
  • ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ approach, combined with Traditional Techniques, presented in a clear, compassionate way
Australian Acupuncture Clinics
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