Australian Acupuncture Clinics (Aus Acu) was founded in 2015 by Gregory Dunn (BHSc Acu) and Kelsie Smith.  With a vision to offer natural, enjoyable and caring treatments in a modern clinical setting, Aus Acu treatments are rapidly gaining popularity as a gentle and natural form of medicine.

Aus Acu practitioners are Doctors of Chinese Medicine (Reg. Acu) only, not physicians, and treat only within their scope of care. The Acupuncture degree is Health Science, meaning we receive in depth education on both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine perspectives of health care. Additionally, many of Aus Acu’s practitioners have gained additional academic credit in fields such as functional biology training (natural supplementation) and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Aus Acu practitioners regularly refer to General Practitioners, Specialists and other allied health professionals when we believe that another medical diagnosis or treatment modality may be required. Fortunately, more and more General Practitioners, Specialists, Nurses and Midwives are also referring patients to us which helps our patients receive a holistic yet successful treatment plan.

We welcome you to Aus Acu and look forward to helping you feel better, naturally.


Gregory Dunn (Owner/Acupuncturist)

Kelsie Smith (Owner/General Manager)

Australian Acupuncture Clinics offer treatments that aim to be:

  • Gentle

  • Relaxing

  • Painless

  • Natural

  • Affordable

Australian Acupuncture Clinics
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