Australian Acupuncture Clinics (Aus Acu) was founded in 2015 by Gregory Dunn (BHSc Acu) and Kelsie Smith.  With a vision to offer natural, enjoyable and caring treatments in a modern clinical setting, Aus Acu treatments are rapidly gaining popularity as a safe, effective and natural medicine alternative for those in need.

Aus Acu takes the misunderstanding and mystery out of Acupuncture, providing regulated and consistent treatments based on well documented treatment protocols that are accountable, and bring the best possible results case-by-case. Research based evidence of Acupuncture is currently quite positive in favour of it’s possible scientific methods. Although we still have a long way to go in terms of understanding exactly how this Ancient medicine works according to our relatively new understanding of the body, we focus on combining Ancient Techniques with up-to-date protocols from current research based trials.

Aus Acu practitioners are Doctors of Chinese Medicine (Reg. Acu) only, not physicians, and treat only within their scope of care. The Acupuncture degree is Health Science, meaning we receive in depth education on both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine perspectives of health care. Additionally, many of Aus Acu’s practitioners have gained additional academic credit in fields such as paediatric care, functional biology training (natural supplementation) and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Aus Acu practitioners regularly refer to General Practitioners, Specialists and other allied health professionals when we believe that another medical diagnosis or treatment modality may be required. Fortunately, more and more General Practitioners, Specialists, Nurses and Midwives are also referring patients to us which is truly how successful National health care must be.

To ensure your treatment is 100% safe, our clinics are flame-free. We use vacuum cupping and infra-red therapy rather than fire cupping or moxibustion therapy. Not only is this safer for you with no risk of harm or burn, but you can return to home or work without any smells lingering on your clothing.  We track each treatment carefully via our electronic medical database so your progress is monitored and your treatments can be adjusted to count for any lifestyle changes or concerns that arise along the way.

Every treatment room features comfortable, electrically adjustable beds, dimmed lighting, calming relaxation music, aromatherapy and the ultimate privacy. We combine the hygienic, clutter-free layout of a Western medical clinic with the ambiance of a tranquil meditation room. Our Acupuncturists have access to the most up to date tools including infra heat lamps, lasers and sophisticated electro-acupuncture machines to utilise alongside painless, single-use Acupuncture needles.

In the past, many Australian’s only discovered Acupuncture after exhausting all other means of treatment, or when cautiously recommended by a friend or family member. In many medical scenarios, Acupuncture is still regarded as strange, seemingly mystical therapy, and thus remains on the sidelines as an “alternative” when nothing else works.

Although we have an incredibly advanced and well structured Western medical system in Australia,  Aus Acu provides a natural, enjoyable way to keep your body working to the best of its ability and to feel better, naturally. We believe Acupuncture is well poised to begin slowly changing the scope of Australian health care, by providing even greater opportunities for the ongoing health needs and well-being of all Australians.

Gregory Dunn (Owner/Acupuncturist)

Kelsie Smith (Owner/General Manager)

Australian Acupuncture Clinics offer a health care solution that is:

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Research-based

  • Painless

  • Affordable

Australian Acupuncture Clinics
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